Vivo’s FunTouchOS hasn’t been appreciated much in the past with its funky-looking icons and menus; However, Vivo today has introduced its OriginOS, Android skin which was teased for quite some while now. OriginOS promises a significant revamp of its polarizing Funtouch software. Now, the corporation has finally revealed the new skin at its developer conference in China, granting us a look at how it holds out.

Vivo Introduces OriginOS with Exciting New Features

For beginners, OriginOS’s home screen makes widespread use of rectangular and square widgets and icons something like the Klotski puzzles which feature rectangular and square puzzle pieces.

These new widgets can also achieve “Nano Alerts” illustrating constantly updated information in them over to Windows Live Tiles. Some of the examples demonstrated by Vivo include flight information, weather, and courier updates.

Additionally, The company also has plans on introducing the real world for wallpapers and backgrounds in Origin OS. For example, one can opt for a sky background showcasing various weather effects like clouds and wind. Vivo also claims that the clouds are sampled from various regions and that the wind will dynamically alter them.

Another case of Vivo returning to the real world for inspiration is wallpapers which impersonate the time of day, being brightest at midday and running darkest at night. Ultimately, the firm is also promoting live wallpapers featuring a timelapse of flowers blooming, with users able to modify the animation speed as well

Interestingly, It also looks like users will be able to still toggle between OriginOS and the FunTouch skin. Hopefully, there isn’t a significant production or storage penalty if this is really the case.

While, we don’t have much information on anything else about Origin OS, such as the rollout schedule, global availability, or supported devices; there’s soon going to be more information on it.

What do you think of Vivo’s new OriginOS? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.


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