Realme entered the smart wearable category back in May 2020 with the introduction of the Realme Watch. The company is now taking this commitment another step forward with the Realme Watch S and the Watch S Pro. The Watch S Pro on paper offers some really impressive specifications and upgrades over the regular Watch S such as Compass, Built-in GPS, Better build quality and display, and much more. That said, we have been using the Watch S Pro for some time now, and here’s what we like and don’t about the new Watch S Pro after using it extensively for 2 weeks.


Where many smartwatches resemble the same Apple Watch Design language, and even Realme opted for the same design as the Apple Watch with the Realme Watch. But now Realme is taking its design towards circular analog aesthetics with their Watch S and Watch S Pro.

The Realme Watch S Pro delivers a traditional design and with time inscribing around the bezels. This chronograph has values embedded from 0 to 60. This huge 46mm dial is constructed of Stainless steel which assures more durability than Realme Watch S which boasts an aluminum chassis for the dial itself. It consists of a decent quality 22mm swappable silicon strap which is a considerable implementation, if you don’t like the default strap, You have an option to order more silicon and leather straps for Rs. 499 (for Silicon Straps) and Rs.999 (for Leather Straps) just like you can do for Apple Watches.

Due to its stainless steel frame, this weighs 63.5 grams which stands heavier than Realme Watch S which weighs 48 grams. This 63.5g weight feels chunkier on the wrist and can be a problem for sleep tracking at night. Folk with smaller wrists won’t appreciate and won’t opt for this for once but skinny people like me will adore its appearance.

The Realme Watch S Pro boasts two crown buttons on the right; Top button as a back button or to enable AOD when on Home UI and the Bottom button is for triggering Workout modes on the smartwatch. These crown buttons are very tactile and no criticisms about reachability. No button can be configured to your taste. On to the rear, it has sensors and charging pins.

Talking about the display,  it comes with a 1.39 inch AMOLED Display with a screen resolution of up to 454×454 pixels. This panel can be brightened up to 450 nits which is lesser than Realme Watch S which transmits 600 nits (which is claimed by the company). It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection from drops and scratches. Meanwhile, an additional bonus of having an AMOLED panel is Always-On-Display which is existing in it. The AOD feature has 2 faces: Analog and Digital. We preferred the Analog Face more than the Digital one.

Moreover, this smartwatch has 5 levels of brightness with an ambient light sensor which works like a charm in indoor and outdoor conditions. The ‘Raise to Wake’ feature works accurately in our case with even AOD turned on. No visibility issues were faced even under direct sunlight. The content is easily readable.

Overall, The Realme Watch S Pro furnishes a much bigger display with deeper blacks and better build quality than Realme Watch S.


The UI in the smartwatch is quick and responsive, no performance hiccups were faced during our review. This interface has a very clean and minimal UI; Swiping right opens a quick toggle which conceals features like Battery saving mode, Flashlight, Auto and Manual level brightness, Do-not-disturb mode, and Raises to Wake detection toggle; swiping left gives access to widgets for monitoring step counts and calories burned. The other widgets are weather, music controls, heart rate, and sleep data; swiping upwards access the menu option, and swiping downwards will give you access to notification logs that you’ve received. Long pressing on the Home screen gives access to the watch faces present on the smartwatch which stores 9 WatchFaces; 8 preloaded and 1 of your own choice from the Realme Link app. There are 100 WatchFaces presents from which you can download your desired watch face and can set them. You get 2 additional watch faces on which you can set your desired picture and personalize your RealMe Watch S Pro.

I used the Realme Watch S Pro for more than 15 days, with firmware version V1.3.0.65. The Realme Watch S pro was paired with Vivo X50 Pro during the duration of this review.

It offers continuous heart rate monitoring which works pretty well and it also boasts an Sp02 sensor which nowadays every smart wearable has. The Sp02 works accurately as we cross-checked the results with a pulse oximeter. This is the first smartwatch by Realme which has a compass app in it. It can also track your sleep periods but in our review version of Realme Watch S Pro, the Sleep Tracking and Compass Functionalities are broken. It includes various workout activities like Outdoor and Indoor Run, Outdoor Run and Indoor Run, Outdoor Cycle and Indoor Cycle, Hiking, Swimming, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Cricket, Strength Training and Free Workout which can be traced with this.

I took a short evening walk for 0.62kms to check the accuracy of the GPS and it exhibited a comprehensive analysis of speed, distance, calories burned, and more. It tracks the GPS data very accurately. While workout sessions, the music can’t be controlled, and accessing the smartphone is a necessity for changing the track. Also, the in-built GPS took a longer duration to lock down the location and it’s quite annoying. 


The AOD functionality can be configured from the watch only; You cannot control the AOD features from the Realme Link app. You can even schedule the timings of AOD which is a nifty add-on.

On Realme Watch S Pro, the Vibration Strength can be tweaked from low to high. Some basic features like Weather, Breath Training, Music, Alarm, Stopwatch present as well. You can receive notifications and call alerts on it but you can’t answer them which is a restriction in most smart wearable these days. It gives you the control to hang up or mute the calls. But in the case of notifications, you cannot reply to them. Also, two actions can be performed in the Notification Tray; exit or delete the log.


Speaking about Connectivity; If you are an iOS user then stop before making this purchase, as of now this watch is only compatible with Android devices only. There’s no Realme link app developed for iOS users yet.

However, charging is probably not going to be on your mind very often. This 420mAh battery lasted for 3 days in our testing period where AOD set on for the whole day, Level 5 Brightness, and connected with a smartphone which receives an abundance of notifications as well. For charging this up; We’ve used our 33Watt Fast charger to charge this with its charging dock and it juiced up from 0-10% in 9 minutes and 0-100% in an hour which is amazing to see. Using a normal proprietary charger can take up to 2 hours. Realme claims that it can give fuel for 14 days.

If you’ll turn off the AOD and set the brightness to auto, it’ll easily serve you a battery backup of 7-9 days. There’s also a battery saving mode in the watch which can be used for longer battery usage.


The Realme S Pro comes at a price tag of Rs. 9999 and it offers a mature look, feels heavy on your wrist, well-optimized software experience:- Animations feels smooth, offers a ton of fitness features, but not more than its competition. But great display quality and very cleverly concealed bezels under time etching, which is not in the case with Mi Watch Revolve.

Its competitors like the new Gen Amazfit GTR 2, GTS 2, and Mi Watch Revolve:- All of the watches share similar features like Built-in-GPS,5ATM water resistance, and a lot of watch faces. The GPS takes a lot of time to lock on the location in the Realme Watch S Pro, Notifications cannot be replied to from the watch. Meanwhile, The Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS boasts a microphone that supports voice commands, and answering calls is possible in these smartwatches and also they’ll cost much heavier on your pockets than Realme Watch S Pro.

If you are someone who is looking for a smartwatch with an ample amount of watch faces, looks sturdy and premium for daily wear, a very smooth user interface, and if slow GPS connectivity, notification replies, and menstrual tracking won’t matter to you. You can opt for Realme Watch S Pro over Mi Watch Revolve.

Disclaimer: We tested the Realme Watch S Pro as our primary smartwatch for more than 2 weeks. All our reviews are unbiased and are published without the brand getting to read it before you guys. We don’t change our reviews on pressure from brands and that’s the reason we are not sent review units from companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and a few more.