Instagram is removing the ability to share posts via stories


Instagram is testing a new feature in which, they removed the ability to share the posts via stories. They are pushing this new update to very few countries now. But soon it could be pushed to each and every user around the globe.

According to a report by a lot of users, Instagram is sending notifications that it is removing the ability to share posts via stories. They haven’t specified the countries in which they are pushing this update, but Indian Instagram users haven’t seen this notification till now. So it is safe to say that for now India won’t be affected by this update.

The notification which is being sent to users says the thing, which is mentioned below in the screenshot.

This is also a very interesting change, as Instagram brought the ability to share Tweets on Instagram Stories. But now, they are removing the ability to share normal feeds update as well. 

This new update is likely to get a mixed response as it was a feature used by a lot of people. But at the same time, it makes sense as to why would someone see the posts they have already seen for the second time.



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