Sony announced the Playstation 5, last year and it packed some great specs for the price, also when compared to the last generation PS4 Pro, it brought support for gaming in 4k at 120fps. However, as it is a newer gen console, the games are going to be bigger as they would need some extra files when compared to the previous-gen consoles.

So, Sony had brought the consoles in bigger storage variants, that includes the 825GB variant. But unfortunately, the OS on the PS5 took a lot of storage, and the storage after the console is set up, gets down to almost 667GB. That makes it a bummer, for a lot of users especially for those who had got the digital edition of the console.

They did, however, had added support for External HDDs and SSDs, by which users could use external drives to store games. But the limiting factor here was the fact that users could not save games that were made for the PS5 but only older titles that were originally made for the PS4 could be stored.

But thankfully, Sony would soon be adding the support for Internal M.2 drives, as the PS5 has got an M.2 slot that can be used for storing games, and the best part is that it can store PS5 games as well. Upon further investigation, we found out that Sony had blocked users from adding the M.2 drives into their consoles. If a user did that, then their console would straight up not boot and give an error message saying to remove the M.2 drive.

Alongside that, the PS5 could also be getting a new update, that would help unlock higher cooling-fan speeds, ensuring the console doesn’t overheat.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinion on PS5 getting more storage with the M.2 slot, by dropping a comment down below.

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