Instagram is one of the most famous social platforms, that is used by a lot of people around the globe. Instagram has had introduced the stories feature, for a long time now, it basically helps share people their thoughts, ideas, photos, and even posts. When compared to the Posts feature, it is very famous as more viewers can actually view it, so the engagement via stories is a lot better when comparing it against posts. 

Firstly, being introduced by Snapchat, stories have had became one of the best ways for users to express their thoughts. Instagram has made it the most popular and seeing this growth, Facebook and WhatsApp have also joined the race. Both the platforms also have got stories feature.

It has always been a very basic feature, but it has had a lot of growth rapidly on other platforms too. Seeing this, Twitter also recently introduced its fleets that were very much similar to that of Instagram. Meanwhile, even Spotify has had more than 345 million active users and over more than 155 million paid users, which is a huge number.

So with this, Spotify is going to be bringing story features that are going to be very similar to that of Instagram stories. In the hopes that the artist would upload some exclusive content, which may help the platform to grow. It has named its stories-like feature as Spotify clips, and it was announced earlier in February so it could soon be brought to all the users.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on the Instagram Stories outline to Spotify Playlists, by dropping a comment down below.

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