RapiPay to ease Covid-19 vaccination registration with its Website and app. RapiPay has used a tool on its website and app that redirects users to Covid vaccination data available on the Cowin website on a live basis. Currently, RapiPay’s B2B app has more than 5 Lakhs installs from retailers and merchants.

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Commenting on this announcement Mr Yogendra Kashyap, CEO, RapiPay said, “In this hour of need, all of us must do our bit to combat this pandemic. Millions of non-tech users, especially in the rural markets, might not be able to register on CoWIN or Aarogya Setu app on their own. With this initiative, their vaccination registration can be facilitated through our direct business outlets (DBOs) who use RapiPay daily for their business.  We are hopeful that with this facility a lot of people will not crowd the immunization centre and help maintain social distance which is the need of the hour.”

As the second wave of COVID-19 has hit India, and every day there are new cases at a faster pace, it has become very important and to overcome this pandemic. The public at large needs to get vaccinated at the earliest. The government has now opened a vaccination drive for the 18+ age group population also and has made prior registration and appointment mandatory.

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