Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK is now available to download for free. The game just went live for playing it in Early Access and some of the developers have already tweaked this game. If you use this MOD, you’d get new features that would surely help you to get a Chicken Dinner

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As for the features that this MOD offers, users get Black Body which is very helpful in terms of combact, there is a new No Grass feature that disables the grass for a better gameplay as users would be able to find the enemies more easily now. One of the things added is No Fog which helps especially if one likes to play the other maps as they have Fog, which could be distracting. There is also support to Remove water which could help in combats as users can easily find enemies underwater.

The developers also says that Aimbot, flying mod and even Unlimited UC is Coming Soon. One of the major features of this mod is that users don’t need to Root their devices as it can be used without any issues even if the device isn’t rooted.

The download link for this MOD is mentioned below, we have created a folder which has each and every file required to play using this MOD.

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD OBB

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD PAK File

As for the installation, that’s easy too as users would just need to follow the steps mentioned below-

Note: Delete the play store version of Battlegrounds Mobile if you have it installed. 

  • First, download the Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK and OBB from the link mentioned below.
  • Next, extract the OBB File and then Copy it and paste it on the Android > OBB folder.
  • After that’s done install the Battlegrounds India Mod APK.
  • Open the game and then close it.
  • Now paste the .pak file in the Android >> data >> com.pubg.imobile >> files >> UE4Game >> ShadowTrackerExtra >> ShadowTrackerExtra >> Saved >> Paks 

You can now enjoy playing the game with these mods without any issues and get a chicken dinner, every time you play the game.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on this post Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK now available to download for free by dropping a comment down below.

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