Clubhouse confirms that there is no data breach

Clubhouse confirms that there is no data breach. There were multiple reports about Clubhouse being involved in a Data Breach and that all the information about a lot of users were exposed. But Clubhouse has officially confirmed that no such thing actually happened and even have given a proper statement about the same. 

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According to Clubhouse, “There has been no breach of Clubhouse. There are a series of bots generating billions of random phone numbers. In the event that one of these random numbers happens to exist on our platform due to mathematical coincidence, Clubhouse’s API returns no user identifiable information. Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to Clubhouse and we continue to invest in industry-leading security practices.”

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So that statement confirms that there was no Data Breach and rather was just a fake one that was being done by some bots. Also, for those wondering what about the names and phone numbers revealed, they are just some random names and phone numbers which are made up by the bot itself so there isn’t anything that one would need to worry about.  

Also, Clubhouse recently did a lot of changes to their app too so now users who haven’t got any sorts of invite can enjoy using the app too. For info about it can be found from the link mentioned below-

Clubhouse removes the invite only limitation for more users to join

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