Clubhouse expected to soon add the ability to report rooms. With the launch of Clubhouse, audio chatting room apps became very famous, there have been multiple apps till now which try to replicate this feature but they might miss on some features and that’s the reason most people end up choosing Clubhouse over other apps. Although one department where Clubhouse was behind when compared to the others apps, it was with reporting some of these audio rooms. 

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There are a lot of people who join and create rooms and while there are some features like blocking particular people from a room, there is no option to report the entire room. This is something that could be very useful as there could be a lot of rooms that are doing some fishy stuff or even a group of people just harassing someone. 

According to Jane Manchun Wong who is known for leaking a lot of features that may be introduced by a lot of different apps, Clubhouse will be soon adding this feature and as you can see in the picture attached below, this is not for a particular person rather it is for a complete room.

Clubhouse expected to soon add the ability to report
Image Credits: Jane Manchun Wong

There are a lot of different options that one can choose from if he finds that the room is not good and maybe either doing something fishy. It seems like just most of the other apps, the reported rooms would be checked on a further level and if they are found doing something then they would be removed from the app. This is a must-have feature that should have been introduced with the launch of the app. 

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