Tesla comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Tesla comes to Battlegrounds Mobile India with its latest update. With the new 1.5 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Developers of the game has brought Tesla as a vehicle to the game. This vehicle can be used in Battlegrounds Mobile and players can drive this car too.

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Upon taking a closer look at the vehicle, we can see that this is actually a Tesla Model Y and this vehicle even gets the Auto drive function too, which means players can just sit in the car and the car would drive by itself.

Also, to get the Vehicle one would need to go into the Tesla factory and then press the 3 levers which should be in the game itself, after that it would take some time but there would be a brand-new Tesla Model Y coming in the blue colour, and along with-it players would also get an Airdrop too. Upon further investigation, we found that the Airdrop gets the M249 Machine Gun with a 6X Scope and even the Assault Rifle Beryl M762 too.

There have been multiple changes with the 1.5 update to this game, you can update your Battlegrounds Mobile Game or Download it just by going to the link mentioned below of either just by searching for the game on the Google Play Store.

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