What does OxygenOS merging with ColorOS actually mean?

With OnePlus announcing that OxygenOS would be merged with ColorOS, there are a lot of questions left that haven’t been answered yet, and a lot of people who are using OnePlus devices or they would be planning to get a OnePlus device are not a bit concerned, so we searched about this a lot and this post is going to give the answer of what does OxygenOS merging with ColorOS actually mean?

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OnePlus has also given some insights about the same, where they say that this merger is actually a “solid plan to best leverage our shared resources with OPPO.” Further, they also said something in a Forum post in the OnePlus Community, which said “in order to improve efficiency and standardize the software exhttps://www.theunbiasedblog.com/wp-admin/edit.phpperience across our portfolio, we’re working on integrating the codebase of OxygenOS and ColorOS.”

This merger has also helped with the Software Update cycle, and now the Flagship product line which includes the OnePlus Number series and T series of devices, including the 8 series and newer devices would receive 3 major Android updates and even 4 years of security updates. This is quite an improvement over the 2 major updates. Next up, there is the Nord series of devices and yes Nord CE is also included. These devices will receive 2 major Android updates and 3 years of security updates, which is good considering the pricing of these devices. Lastly, OnePlus’s entry-level Nord N series which was launched in the European market including N10 and N100 would only receive 1 major Android update but 3 years of security updates would be provided.

The brand says that this is all possible because now they have a bigger RND team to work with the updates and that is helping a lot to improve the update cycle. As for the OnePlus 7 series of devices or lower than that, then they would be following the same cycle of updates that includes 2 major updates. 

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