WhatsApp starts testing end-to-end encryption for cloud chats. This feature was being rumored for a long time, currently, WhatsApp only covers chats that are present within the WhatsApp application with end-to-end encryption. But if you upload those chats as a backup to your cloud storage; the end-to-end encryption coverage stops and your private chats are easily accessible too.

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There have been multiple reports, according to which the feature was rolling out as part of WhatsApp beta version It will be worked by requiring you to choose a password for encrypting future backups, and it’s always needed to put the password in when restoring a backup. WhatsApp claims that the password is entirely private and not shared with any of the services that it passes through, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, or Apple. Users can also use a 64-digit encryption key instead of a password if they want.

WhatsApp starts testing end-to-end
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Furthermore, users can generate a 64-digit encrypted key that will be essential if they wish to decrypt their WhatsApp messages. One thing to consider is that if you also lose your WhatsApp Key, you’d also end up losing the cloud backup. As a result, one must exercise extreme caution when dealing with these issues. If you do want to use this feature, you will need to have a separate password in order to restore their WhatsApp chat backups. 

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