Teaser for Batteground Mobile India

Teaser for Batteground Mobile India on iOS is out. Although Krafton hasn’t revealed the launch date, they however have posted a teaser that hints that the iOS app of Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released soon.

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In a post, BGMI says “we thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know.” A lot of people with iOS devices would be happy to hear this news as there were lot of people waiting for Krafton to make this announcement soon.

The game was launched in the country on July 2 and the game was first made available as an open-to-all early access version for Android users. The game is one of the most trending games in the recent weeks and will be already crossing 50 million downloads. 

Here's how to sign up for the pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile

The developers of the game have even announced rewards for the players for when the game reaches 50 million downloads. According to them, once the app touches 49 million on Google Play Store, players will be given three pieces of Classic Coupon Crate Scrap, in form of rewards. For the 50 million downloads, they would be giving a special Galaxy Messenger Set outfit as a permanent reward. 

As the game would be launching for iOS soon, they also could be giving these rewards to the iOS players too. Multiple reports suggest that once the game reaches 50 million downloads, the rewards would be available for everyone and users would just need to claim them and make sure they login in as the rewards may not be there for a very long time. So, one just makes sure to login in once the game reaches 50 million downloads and claim the rewards immediately. 

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on this post Teaser for Batteground Mobile India on iOS is out by dropping a comment down below. 

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