Amazon Unveils the Next Generation Kindle Paperwhite and New Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Amazon unveils the Next Generation Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite Signature Edition. Amazon has refreshed their Kindle Paperwhite which has been its most popular Kindle, and the new generation combines premium hardware, faster performance, and a redesigned user interface for a more enjoyable reading experience. It comes at a starting price of Rs. 13,999, Kindle Paperwhite comes with a larger display, a new adjustable warm light, and increased battery life, while the new Signature Edition adds an auto-adjusting light sensor and is the first-ever Kindle to offer wireless charging.

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It now comes with a larger 6.8-inch display, with the 300 ppi display is glare-free, delivers laser-quality text, and resembles real paper for easy reading in all conditions, even direct sunlight. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition also comes with an auto-adjusting front light that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the lighting around you so you can comfortably read in all conditions.

Also, the maker claims it can offer the longest battery life ever on Kindle, with up to 10 weeks of battery life. Fast USB-C charging takes only 2.5 hours to reach a full charge to maximize reading time when using a 10W adapter or larger. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the first Kindle to offer wireless charging and can be used with any compatible Qi wireless charger.

Amazon unveils the Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite also comes with a completely redesigned Kindle interface, adding several new features for an easier and more intuitive experience from the moment you pick up your device to start reading. The updated experience provides an easy way to switch between the home screen, your library, or your current book, while a new library experience includes new filters and sort menus, a new collections view, and an interactive scroll bar.

As for the pricing and availability, the Kindle Paperwhite starts at Rs. 13,999 and available in 8 GB in Black. The new Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is Rs. 17,999, available in 32 GB, also in Black. Both devices are available today for pre-order and come with the offer to redeem Kindle credits worth Rs. 500 which can be used towards eBook purchases, at up to 80% of the book price.


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