What new features to expect in the upcoming iOS 15.4

Apple is gearing up to roll out the iOS 15.4 version soon. The upcoming iOS 15.4 will be a major update unlike the previous update, iOS 15.3, which was a tiny overhaul to mostly fix some bugs and security issues. The beta version of the iOS 15.4 version is already out for developers but we will suggest waiting for the public beta or the final release. In this article, we will be sharing with you what new features to expect in the upcoming iOS 15.4. Let’s have a look at them. 

What new features to expect in the upcoming iOS 15.4:

Unlock Phone while wearing a Mask: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our normal lives in the last two years. As people now wear masks to prevent themselves from getting trapped in the brutal clutch of the virus, Apple’s Face ID doesn’t always work. With the iOS 14.5 update in April 2021, Apple allowed unlocking the phone if you wear an Apple watch. But now finally, with the iOS 15.4 update, the users will be able to unlock their phones with masks using Face ID.  

Universal Control: The upcoming Universal Control will be more of an iPadOS 15.4 feature rather than the iPhone one. With the help of this feature, the users will be able to connect their iPad with a MacBook and use a single keyboard & mouse for both devices. This feature was first announced at the WWDC 2021 and now it’s finally coming soon.  

iPhone 12_iPhone 12 mini

New Emojis: With the new iOS 15.4 update, Apple will offer 37 new emojis to its users along with 75 skin tone variations for better inclusivity. Some of the upcoming emojis include the likes of a melting face, a saluting face, biting the lip, a jar, the beans, bubbles and many more.


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Apple Card Widget: Apple will provide a new Apple Card Widget that can be added to the Home Screen or Today View. It will show your current account balance, spending activities, etc.  

Notes in iCloud Keychain: Finally, the last major feature that we can expect from the new iOS 15.4 is the inclusion of Notes in the iCloud Keychain. The users will be now able to add Notes to a password entry in the Keychain. One can see their Keychain entries by going to Settings > Passwords. 

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