Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIFs, now lets you reply to comments with GIFs


On the 30th anniversary of the GIF, Facebook has announced a new feature available to all its users, finally, you can reply to a comment to with GIFs on their platform. GIFs have made communicating on the internet more joyful, more visual and let’s face it, a whole lot funnier. Just tap the GIF button when you go to make a comment, type in what you’re looking to say, and add the GIF that really nails it!

To make the Anniversary special, Facebook has announced

  • GIFs in comments are now available to everyone on Facebook
  • Introduced some new and exclusive GIFs created featuring some of the internet’s biggest stars
  • Asking you to help us answer the age-old debate of how to pronounce the word “GIF” FB GIF

Here are some interesting numbers since introducing GIFs in Messenger in 2015:

  • People on Messenger sent nearly 13 billion GIFs in the last year, or nearly 25,000 GIFs every minute
  • GIF sends on Messenger have tripled in the past year
  • New Year’s Day 2017 was the most popular day ever for GIF sends on Messenger, with more than 400 million GIF sends

Facebook is celebrating the 30th anniversary with a GIF party- GIPHY Studios created 20 GIFs featuring some of the internet’s most recognizable faces: DNCE, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, DREEZY, Patrick Starr, Violet Benson, Wuz Good, Brandi Marie, and Landon Moss. Each GIF is a unique and shareable morsel of human expression. They will be available to use by searching #GIFparty when sharing a GIF on Facebook or Messenger or by visiting

Finally, Facebook is looking to solve the debate over how the word GIF is pronounced once and for all. Over the next few days, if you live in the US you might see a poll on Facebook asking you to cast your vote. You can also vote by visiting Facebook’s official Page on your mobile phone. To find the Page, search for “Facebook” in the main Facebook app.

How often do you use GIFs on Social media? Drop a comment or Tweet to us and let us know.

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