LG Electronics rolls out #HungerFreeIndia campaign to celebrate Independence day


LG Electronics India Limited has decided to celebrate Independence day with the launch of #HungerFreeIndia initiative, dedicated to helping eradicate Food Wastage in India. This campaign is inviting the whole nation to come forward and take a pledge to avoid food wastage and thus, help eradicate hunger.

The campaign is a renewed extension of the previously launched Mute the Growl campaign which was launched to create awareness amongst individuals, businesses, and organizations towards fighting the issues of hunger and food wastage in India. The campaign aims to change the basic thought of how food generally is disposed of without a second thought, while we live in a world where 50% of food across the world never reaches the hunger-stricken.

This will be a Pan- India campaign wherein Indians will be pledging their support for this pressing cause while also giving them better opportunities for an enhanced engagement in bringing this change. Fellow Indians are encouraged to pledge their support towards no food wastage on .


Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Kim Ki Wan, MD, LG Electronics India said, ‘’This campaign has been specially designed for spreading mass awareness for a cause that LG feels deeply about. It is yet another gesture from us to showcase our deep care for the Indian society. We want to bring a positive change in the behaviors of people, their eating habits and encourage them to be a more responsible society collectively.’’

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Amit Gujral, Chief Marketing Officer, LG Electronics India said, the ‘’Hunger Free India’’ Campaign is very dear to LG. We have further pushed our previous campaign and given it rejuvenation to become larger and more extensive. We will create various touch points wherein people will have a greater opportunity to contribute their bit towards the cause of preventing food wastage. Together we can bring the change, one which is much desired and continue to live the brand promise Life’s Good!!. We welcome all Indians and come forward to pledge their support on no food wastage at

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