So today we read a tweet from @MsChingari on twitter stating that she is despair need to stop her Blackberry Messenger but keep the data services active for her mails. To help her out we decided to switch to one of our old powerhouse BB Torch 9800. Once it was on we went into various settings and finally figured out on how to actually the STFU BBM. 

So simply follow the step by step instructions below and get rid of the BBM from your Blackberry device.


    • 1

      Find the “Options” folder or application on your BlackBerry and select it. Often, you can find “Options” within the “Setup” tab.
    • 2

      Select “Security Options.” There will be numbered features under this menu. Scroll down to select “Firewall.”
      • 3

        Choose “Firewall Options” to open all of the applications currently allowed or blocked by your BlackBerry phone.
      • 4

        Click “Disabled” in the “Status” drop-down menu. You should see SMS, MMS, PIN, BlackBerry Internet Service and Enterprise Email. Select “BlackBerry Internet Service.”
      • 5

        Save your settings and return to the home screen. You have now disabled BlackBerry Messenger.
        Once you are done saving the settings, you may want to battery pull your Blackberry device to make sure its done. 

        PS: Please leave a comment or share the link if it helped you. Thank you 🙂
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