Recently we got an opportunity to redeem an iOS app called the Audio Compass. The redeem code was for the Taj Mahal multimedia-based tourist guide. We were elated to demo this one for its uniqueness and authenticity. As we have already toured the Taj Mahal, we could feel how meaningful and memorable the tour could have been if we had the Audio Compass installed. Apart from Taj Mahal, Audio Compass have official tours of Khajurao as well as the Agra Fort, and now they’ve also added the Mumbai tour to the kitty. 

Once you run-through our video demo of the app below, you would realise how its a pre-requiste tour guide application. Not only it helps you save a lot of money and energy from the goons who claim to be guides but it also gives you authentic and precise information. Furthermore, once you have the app, you can use it again or use it for memories. The app has been produced in collaboration with the Archeological Survey of India. The company also works directly with site managers to make sure that the uniqueness and individuality of each site can be accurately represented.

With the Taj Mahal application in particular, the application contains pictures and guides for 20 spots that you can explore, while you’re at the monument. Included are audio guides that have been carefully curated and approved by the Government of India. Furthermore, there is a map you can use to help plan your visit and built-in, you also have a camera and social media shareability. Once you’re on the page of a particular spot within the Taj Mahal, you can listen to an audio tour, read up on its history, view pictures of it within the app and finally, mark the spot as ‘visited’.
The iOS Taj Mahal app is available for $1.99 (approximately Rs. 109.45). The app requires iOS 5.1 and is a 46.2 MB download. The application is also available for Android via Google Play for Rs. 111.32 and requires Android 2.3.3 and up.

TUB Verdict: A must have app for travel buffs and first time tourers. We give the app 9/10, one point deducted for the pixelated icon at the launch of the app on an iOS device. Hope its fixed soon 🙂
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