India retail market has changed drastically, what used to be retail therapy to soothe the senses by visiting stores and malls is now termed as online shopping. Before we move further let’s discuss the dilemma or challenges of shopping offline (Ya, we would like to call shopping as offline shopping now) :

  • Wastage of time and resources by driving all the way to a mall and then trying things
  • Biased reviews and opinion by the store owner, manager and staff
  • Lack of variety and options to compare
  • No return policy
  • No convenience of getting customisation and home delivered 
There are many but the above mentioned issues are the one’s that make us shop online. The first time we bought a deal, we were skeptical of using our personal and banking info thinking it could lead to wrong hands. But luckily it was more than pleasant experience for us to pick a deal with Snapdeal. Not only did we get an instant call from them when are payment wasn’t processed due to technical erros but also full assistance in making a successful purchase.
It was very important for me to get that deal in time before my mother’s birthday else I would have been resentful for not being able to do anything for her. But thanks to Snapdeal’s deal, I made sure my mom had one helluva birthday treat 🙂
On why I chose Snapdeal:
  • It was as snappy as its name 😉
  • Got the best deals in the city
  • Support was overwhelming 
This might read like a promotional article but its not, we are just sharing our opinion on online shopping and our experience with Snapdeal.

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