Today, 4th February is the birthday of our very favourite social networking site, Facebook. 

The best time-pass for teens, adults and even old people turns 9-years-old today. Facebook is a social networking site that was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg (one of the five co-founders of the networking site). 

As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users (over 6,27,61,420 Indian users). We all use Facebook on laptops and even mobile phones regardless of the fact whether we like it or not. The addiction to Facebook is very high among people of different age groups. There are many arguments lately where people ask to close their accounts on the social networking site, Facebook. 

However, there are millions of Facebook users who love this site and consider it as the best time-pass. So, on this day we would like to discuss the best reasons to love Facebook

9 reasons to love Facebook: 

You can find your friends: Lost your school or graduation friends? You can find and re-connect with them anytime. All you need to remember is the name and face of your friend!! Many people use Facebook for this good reason. They are well connected with their lost and found friends. 

You can chat whenever and wherever: This is another reason to love Facebook and stay hooked on to it. You can chat with your friends and close ones anywhere. So, whenever you are getting bored, just log into your account and start chatting. It is one of the best time-pass for jobless people too! 

Oh wow updates: On Facebook, you not only get regular updates from friends or close ones but much more. There are many fan pages of celebrities, athletes, politicians etc that keeps you updated. Looking at hot new pictures of celebrities or status update of politicians can be a real treat to the eyes. Moreover, you can update your friends by uploading your recent pictures or sharing “What’s on your mind”. 

Promotions: Getting married or found a new boyfriend? Promote it on your timeline. Jokes apart, if you are into business and want to promote your brand in public, you can use Facebook as a tool to get popular! 

News: Have you seen the breaking news on your wall? People who have liked the fan pages of famous news channels or newspapers get instant updates on what is happening around the world. Even missing people cases have been spread across using Facebook. This is one of the best reasons to love Facebook. 

Play games: There are so many apps for people who love to play online games. Facebook has popular games like Farmville. If you are getting bored and want some entertainment, become a farmer and grow crops. At times, it is fun to think out of the busy city life.

Win: Maybe considered as a part of promotions but winning freebies is one of the major reason why fans like a particular brand page.

Being Social: Facebook is the new business/visiting card. Gone are the days of connecting with someone new by exchanging cards and calling later. Nowadays, we exchange facebook ID’s or profile URL’s.

Graph Search: The next best thing since Google launched its search engine.

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