The news this week that a watchdog group was criticizing a sexy Super Bowl ad had some readers grumbling – about the quality of the ad.

The Parents Television Council raised a red flag over a Mercedes Benz ad showing Kate Upton using sex appeal to get a group of guys to wash her car. The ad has already been viewed online millions of times.
Some readers raised a red flag about the ad, too, but not because it was inappropriate. They just thought it wasn’t that good. 

“Boring commercial. Girl is attractive, but music is annoying,” one reader wrote. 

Others just said the ad wasn’t very original. 

“I’m amazed no one ever thought of using sex to sell something before. Brilliant marketing,” another wrote – sarcastically, we assume. 
Still, most readers said they wouldn’t have a problem with the ad airing during the Super Bowl, with many noting that there have been plenty of racy ads in years past.

About three-fourths of the nearly 10,000 people who took our poll said they didn’t think the ad was inappropriate for the Super Bowl. 

Those who said the ad was inappropriate argued that it’s a bad message to be sending young women.

“It’s getting harder and harder to raise confident young girls when all they see that is valued in women is their looks,” one reader noted.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl 2013 stint:
In the past decade, no Super Bowl halftime show has been as highly anticipated as this year’s Beyoncé extravaganza. Fans will sacrifice their halftime concessions and players will have trouble going to their locker rooms in fear of missing their beloved pop singer. The NFL even posted a video of players singing and discussing their favorite Beyoncé songs, which can be seen here
Regardless of which songs Beyoncé sings or if Destiny’s Child will make their comeback debut at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, the fans will not be disappointed. The singer’s ambition, booming voice, perfectionism, and stellar stage presence make for the perfect storm. One thing’s for sure: get ready to be rocked on Sunday, and be prepared for a halftime show that could very well overshadow the excitement of the game itself.
A live stream of the entire Super Bowl and halftime show can be found here.

Oh and before we forget you gotta see the GoDaddy Superbowl advert:
Lastly here are all the super bowl ads of 2013:
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