So the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched with much fanfare and we are not exaggerating when we say fanfare, watch it here: 

Almost every blog irrespective of being a tech blog or not had posted about what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4. With pride we say we didn’t and there are multiple reasons for the same. To name a few:
  • We were never a fan of the plastic Samsung hardware and so it continues in S4
  • TouchWiz though a lot improved but its still lousy
  • The prices falls like a skyscraper, from the day of launch and a month later
  • What’s new? It’ll be tough to differentiate between S3 and S4 apart from the internal enhancements and 0.2 inches of screen estate. For that matter Samsung Grand!
  • Calling it the ‘Next best thing!’ – Oh pliss Samsung get a life. You need to see the Sony Xperia Z/ HTC One/ LG Optimus G and get a sense of how a phone should look and feel
It’s not just who feel that the S4 is not a worthy successor but a lot of other people. But till we get our hands on the actual device we wont pass our final judgement. 

For now lets review all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4:
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