Today we were at the +AmbiPurCEE #FreshNHappy +IndiBlogger meet. It was our first IndiBlogger meet and we have to admit we have never ever witnessed anything more phenomenal. From the word ‘Go’ it was rocking, and we are not kidding. We started the event with nodding and head-banging \m/

After the rocking streak we were asked to give introduction and thanks to that we got to know such amazing people and the causes they blog for. We were impressed to meet bloggers from age ranging 13+ to 60+, hindi poem writers to writers who blog about liver transplants and saved human lives.

Then we moved on to sharing our nostalgic moments on twitter using the hasgtag #freshNhappy. We shared the smells/fragrances that reminded us of something.

In the meanwhile, Indiblogger team was showering us with gifts/giveaways like Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, portable chargers etc for reasons whatsoever 😉

After lunch we reassembled for a number game where we had to guess a number and based on the number chosen by a blogger a gift was given to them. Again we were splurged with gifts ranging from headphones etc.

After the number game, we got an opportunity to hear it from the Ambi pur product manager on how the product is a global leader. She also shared an interesting fact that P&G is the biggest supplier of perfumes globally and also gave perfumes to the likes of Hugo Boss. She shared some more facts about how ampi pur works, how it eliminates odours and a lot of chemical jargons that we last used in school’s chemistry labs.

Lastly, we were given samples of Ambi pur room fresheners and according to the fragrance we were divided into teams. For example people with Lavender and Vanilla were in one team, Hawaiian Breeze in other and so on. Once the teams were divided we were each given a task to perform, which including skits like spoof of Indian TV series etc.

It was a crazy activity that made us all laugh at our own spontaneity and wit. The day and the meet ended on this note after the winner of the skit was announced. In the end we were handed over the indiblogger T-shirts which we love. 

Thank you Indiblogger and Ambi pur team for all the hard work and giving us an opportunity to learn so much in a few hours. Keep Rocking!
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