There are plethora of Android phones in the market and specially in the under 10k segment. Almost every Android phone manufacturer has a device to cater to early adopters of Android OS. Hence the question is how should a buyer decide? Well there are many parameters that help a buyer decide the right device for himself. Before we start review the XOLO Q700 review, we would like to share the things that matters the most for a buyer before buying any device:

  • Price
  • Brand Name
  • Quality
  • After Sales
In this case, the price is restricted to INR 10,000. As its sub-10k pricing so its an entry level android device or value for money performance device. The XOLO Q700 falls in the best value for money android powerhouse you can buy.

The second point, brand name, well there are more Android device making brands than the alphabets in the english language. So a lot of things come into action – brand value, word to mouth, brands consistency, brands support, brands roadmap etc. As we are reviewing the XOLO Q700 today, we would like to share a bit about XOLO mobiles 
‘A single step
A giant leap
An inch, a millisecond…
The next level
It’s never the best
…but always the better
And faster, smoother, more beautiful
You’ll know it when you see it
…or when it touches you.
XOLO – the next level. Read more 

The third point is very interesting as this really plays a big role in one’s decision in picking up an android device. For us XOLO Q700 was like an apple of the eye amongst other Android devices we compared it with. When you see the front the big and the beautiful 4.5” qHD IPS Display with OGS technology and 245 PPI you simply say XOXO instead of XOLO 😉 It is nothing less than the Google Nexus S device when it comes to looks and build quality. The back of the device is premium rubber back which feels great to hold and is antislip. You can see it for yourself in the extensive photo gallery of XOLO Q700 we have for you –

And now to most important part of a buyer decision before buying the right device – After Sales, Customer Care or Support. The Customer Care is a pillar for any service provider, manufacturer etc. You can ignore a customers feedback, complaint or suggestion once or twice but after that it becomes a bad name for the company and it spreads like wildfire. Trust us its a major problem with many Indian device manufacturers. They have mind boggling marketing budgets, they have become known and popular due to much presence and low cost devices but at the end of the day have negligible customer satisfaction. With XOLO it was completely the opposite, XOLO care (a pre-installed app) is like a blessing in disguise. Just a click of a button and you are connected to XOLO customer care either by call, text or even mail. To make it simpler, when you click the SMS or EMAIL button in the XOLO care app, your IMEI number is prefixed to the text. We are mighty impressed by this feature and recommend it to all our readers to go for a product that has someone listening to you if you ever face a problem. Not only does the Q700 have XOLO care app but also a list of other pre-installed apps like the  XOLO Unlimited – XOLO Switch, that allow users to create multiple profiles with distinctive identities and switch between profiles easily. XOLO Secure, that keeps the phone protected by locking and tracking it remotely. And XOLO Power, that optimizes battery usage.

We can really go on and on about the XOLO Q700 but for that we recommend you to read our full review here – 

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