LG Optimus series has some exceptional features. At ‘The Unbiased Blog’ we have decided to showcase its features one by one to our followers. Today we will be discussing the ‘Quick Translator’ feature as it was a saviour for us in our recent trip to Shenzhen, China.

Today’s world is more connected than ever before; however, language still divides us. Quick Translator is your perfect travel companion, and works quickly, allowing you to understand — and be understood — almost anywhere on earth. Being able to communicate in person with anyone in their native language and dialect is a real blessing.

Instantly translate with a scan. One can translate not only foreign words but entire sentences and phrases using LG’ Quick Translator. With a simple scan, one can meet new people while broadening their knowledge. One can convert International languages to regional languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali etc.) too. The accuracy of recognition rate is 91.9%.

Quick translator is a fun and easy way to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. Quick Translator comes pre-loaded in Optimus G PRO.

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