LG Optimus series has some exceptional features and we are sharing them all at ‘The Unbiased Blog’ to our followers. Today we will be discussing the ‘Quick Slide’ feature.

In a world where the pace of life is often frantic, people who can multitask are typically seen as efficient and effective. After all, don’t we get more done when we do more than one thing at a time?

Remember when phones just made phone calls? These days, we use our phones for just about everything, including the occasional call. 

Apps allow us to send text messages, browse the Internet, map out our trips, listen to music and do just about everything else under the sun. But apps can be used for more than just fun, music and games. They can also make our lives a lot easier by increasing our productivity and organization skills. Many apps can also be used with other ones simultaneously and run in the background while you’re taking on other tasks — a process called multitasking.

One such app that comes pre-installed in all LG Optimus series of smartphones is Q Slide. The enhanced Q Slide is the updated version of the first Q Slide that was previously equipped within Optimus G. Praised as a multitasking innovator, the enhanced Q Slide enables viewers to view multiple applications on the same screen through multiple task windows and allows the users to control the transparency of the task windows for better multitasking experience. The newly enhanced version also allows users to adjust the size and position/location of the windows application. For example, while talking to a friend on the messenger, the user can search on the internet for restaurants and check out possible menus to try out with their friend.

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