We had already shared with you the leaked pictures of the Apple iPhone 5c (Apple iPhone 5c(heap)?). Now that the iPhone 5c has been announced let’s dig it the unbiased blog style:

The all-new design, this is iPhone as you’ve never seen it — or held it. iPhone 5c is beautifully, unapologetically plastic, the better to bring its five decidedly uncommon colors to life. Beneath the smooth surface of the seamless outer shell, a steel-reinforced frame provides structural integrity. So feels reassuringly solid in your hands.

A6 Chip – It does everything fast, except draining the battery

Launch your favorite apps. Load your favorite blog. Download and watch the jaw-dropping video that just showed up in your inbox. Power through games with console-level graphics. Do all the things you love doing on iPhone — at the speeds you’ve come to expect.

LTE Browsing Time

Talk Time

Video Playback Time

Long battery life
The A6 chip is designed to be extremely energy efficient, so you can spend your day taking advantage of all the features and apps on your iPhone. Without worrying about battery life.

Ultrafast LTE Wireless

iPhone 5c has up to 13 LTE bands. That’s more than any other single model of smartphone. Which means even more iPhone users can experience fast download and upload speeds in more places around the world. Meanwhile, the number of LTE carriers supported by iPhone worldwide continues to grow. So when you’re traveling, you can take advantage of ultrafast LTE networks in more places.

Cases – One Phone Many Personalities

Oh, how quickly things change. Add one of the six Apple‑designed cases to your iPhone 5c and it instantly goes from colorfully cool to impossible to ignore. The case design allows the color underneath to show through, creating 30 fun possibilities. So the iPhone 5c Case does more than just protect your phone — it helps it stand out. And it helps you make it yours.

iOS 7 – The perfect companion for the iPhone 5c

Cleaner, simpler icons. An interface that feels fluid and alive. And new features that make the most of the technology inside. The world’s most advanced mobile OS is the perfect companion to the most colorful iPhone yet.

iSight Camera – It gets better

The 8MP iSight camera delivers startlingly sharp photo quality thanks to features like a sophisticated five‑element lens. And panorama, which lets you get stunning high‑resolution shots of things like packed soccer stadiums. The San Francisco waterfront. Or the high school marching band your friend hired to play “Happy Birthday” outside your window.

TUB Verdict: Now that the iPhone 5c is out and a sim free unlocked version is priced for $549. We surely cant call it the iPhone 5c(cheap) instead it has to be called the iPhone 5c(colours). Shocking part is that this device is actually replacing the iPhone 5 completely. From today onwards Apple will only be selling the iPhone 4s (Apple iPhone4S(teve) – Unboxing and Review), the iPhone 5c and the much awaited iPhone 5s ( Will the Apple iPhone 5S have a fingerprint scanner.). So will you be buying the new iPhone 5c (iPhone 5 replacement) or its big brother 5s, that comes with a fingerprint scanner, A7 + M7 Chip (64Bit), Golden metal body and much more. Do let us know in the comments section.
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