At work or play, users today spend several hours a day with a mouse. To make sure that this time is both productive without being painful, Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Ltd today launched the Sculpt Mobile Mouse. Optimized for Windows, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a classic whether you’re editing a presentation or connecting with friends online, it is comfortable, familiar and great on the go. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is priced at Rs 1800/-.

Available in retail shops starting today, the mouse is a great buy for its compact design and the rich Windows 8 user experience it offers. Equipped with a Windows 8 key for easy access to the start screen and to all the favorite apps with just one click, it is a must-buy for consumers who want enhanced mobility and productivity. Navigating Windows 8 is a real breeze with the Sculpt Mobile Mouse thanks to its four-way scrolling.

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is extremely compact in its design and packed with wireless USB capabilities and BlueTrack Technology, which works on virtually any surface, making it an ideal device for the office or on the go.

A perfect partner for both laptop as well as tablet users, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse is compatible with both Windows PC devices and Macs. Along with portability it supports all types of computing — serious computing for professionals, basic computing for students, gaming & entertainment, and also mobile computing for on the go consumers.

Commenting on the new addition to the hardware portfolio for Windows 8, Alka Kaul, Category Lead – Hardware,Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. said, “Microsoft has a legacy of creating innovative, design-friendly hardware products. The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a perfect blend of compact design and comfort catering to all ages and types of computing. It enables you to access the start screen by just clicking on the flying windows button. This new mouse, from the Sculpt portfolio, is intelligent, clean and refined design in action, and will delight users.”

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