The festive season is a time to bring friends closer and initiate your own conversation with Adaptxt® – the revolutionary text input application from KeyPoint Technologies®. And what better way to add some extra spice to your conversations than to do it with the special festive themed Adaptxt keyboards.

Be it the spooky environment of Halloween or the fun-filled aura of Diwali, Adaptxt brings to you two awe-inspiring keyboards which will add that extra spunk to your interactions. While festivals are all about communicating more, Adaptxt brings to you two visual depictions of your mood this festive season – the ‘Adaptxt Halloween Keyboard’, and the ‘Adaptxt Diwali Keyboard’.

Adaptxt Halloween Keyboard – The Adaptxt Halloween Keyboard for smartphone lets you celebrate the most mystifying night of the year with the specially crafted Halloween theme. Now personalize your smartphone keyboard and get into the Halloween mood with Adaptxt’s dark and mysterious theme designed for a night of fun and horror. Free download of the spooky theme is now available from the Google Play Store.
Adaptxt Diwali Keyboard – The Adaptxt Diwali Keyboard for smartphone is designed to let you get into the celebratory mood on the auspicious “festival of lights”. The visually brilliant Diwali theme is designed with a combination of vibrant colour scheme which captures the essence of the festival in its full might. Free to download from the Google Play Store, the Adaptxt Diwali Keyboard lets you soak up Diwali celebrations in the best of spirit.
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