If you love your gadgets then you must love taking care of them. I remember, back in England, I just had to worry about dropping my gadget but here in India. There are a lot of factors that can ruin your gadget and you have to be very particular about them.

But with the recently announced Luxor, Nano Clean makes it a lot easier. The latest offering by Luxor  is the answer to Mobile/ Gadget Cleaning & also Protection.

The Mobile/ Gadget Cleaner & also Protector is an eco-friendly, water based technology product. It is specially formulated with gold nano particles to clean better and protect effectively. Due to its Anti Static properties, this high-tech innovation, repels dust & dirt particles thereby reducing dust & dirt accumulation on the screens. Since this is a detergent free product, no sticky film is formed on the surface and hence dust & dirt cannot stick or penetrate into the surface making the re-cleaning easier. Post application of the product finger prints can be easily removed from the surface of the screen.

The product finds application on a wide variety of Gadgets and Devices, such as – Tablets, Smart phones, Laptops, Computers, LED TVs, LCD TVs, Spectacles, etc.

Based on the revolutionary Nanotechnology, this First Time In The World product leaves a protective layer every time you use it to clean your expensive gadgets keeping them safe from dust, dirt & stains.

Luxor Nano Clean Mobile/ Gadget Cleaner & also Protector is presently available in 100 ml pack, with a brush and a microfiber cloth. It offers great value for money as daily product usage is not required. The product has unlimited shelf life.

This product is currently available in more than 10,000 retail stores across the country consisting of telecom, IT, stationery & select FMCG stores. It is also available in modern trade retail chains like Croma, Vijay Sales, Nokia Priority Dealers, Reliance Digital, Kohinoor, Snehanjali etc.

After the success of 100 ml pack of Mobile/ Gadget Cleaner and Protector, Luxor is now introducing a 10 ml Carry-On-Packtargeting the youth, who are the major users of gadgets. Also professionals who travel frequently will find it convenient as it provides them on the go cleaning.

This sleek 10 ml pen sprayer is easy to use and easily fits inside pocket, laptop bags and even women can carry it conveniently in their hand bags and purses. It can be easily refilled also.

With simple 4 step processes, one can clean & protect their gadgets and the nano layer protects the gadgets for days.

Luxor NANO Gadget Cleaner is the perfect accompaniment for all gadgets as it not only cleans & protects the gadgets but also increases the life of the gadgets.

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