Road Accidents in India

Numerous accidents taking place on different expressways in the country is an indirect attack to the productivity of India. These mishaps have made India suffered a huge economic loss that too in crores, said Dr. Chandrasekhar Thorbole, Consultant, Injury Biomechanics – America. The Indian government needs to implement tough laws, proper education to all people and work on advancements in the field of engineering, he further added

An insightful speech on road mishaps by Dr. Thorbole was delivered at the Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi on Tuesday. Dr. Nirmal Kumar Rakshe, Head of EMS Dept. Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi, P.N .Supekar (Police Inspector, Crime Branch), traffic police officers and staff along with officers of social organizations were also present at the event.

Further Dr. Thorbole added, “The right information about the accidents is not gathered and most importantly is not reaching amongst the people. To get the solution of any problem, it is extremely crucial to understand its root cause.  Hence gathering all information on road accidents becomes vital”.

India as a country is developing rapidly.  A lot of technological advancements and new equipments are coming in Indian vehicles, but these advancements are also resulting in a lot of problems for the drivers.

Enormous number of people died in accidents in India, and Maharashtra ranks top in terms of number of deaths occurred in road mishaps. Majority of the accident victims include youths and earning people. Being a youth centric country, India is facing a serious loss both in terms of humans as well as the economy. And the sad part is that, the realization factor of theses loses are missing in our country.

Unfortunately India is lacking in implementing safety laws and providing road safety education to the citizens of the country. Most of the accidents are happening on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway are due to lane cutting and too many vehicles standing between the roads.

“To get control on the accidents we need to implement strict laws, give proper road safety education to people, work on engineering advancements and medical safety. We cannot copy laws from other countries as we first have to think and research a lot about Indian people and the actual situation of the country. If the government takes these above mentioned facts seriously then the number of deaths in the accidents can be reduced significantly. But a thorough research on the minutest of the details related to road accidents,” added by Dr. Thorbole.

Dr. Thorbole also talked about the research work happening in America. The research shows that if we recline the seats of the car and tighten the seatbelts there is a high possibility of extreme pressure coming in to the drivers’ throat. He also added that he has also started doing research on few accidents occurred on Mumbai- Pune express highway.

Dr. Rakhse said, With the help of Dr. Thorbole, we are doing research on accidents took place in Maharashtra. Through this research we will come out with true facts and figures and problems causing road accidents and will share the same with the Central Government.

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