Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi has been conducting various social initiatives to raise awareness on arthritis as well as urge people to come out strongly and support this cause. People always associate joint pain with high amount of fear. However, due to advancement in the treatment in the form of computer assisted total knee replacement and the likes, arthrirtis is treatable. I thank all the participants who came forward in a massive number to make this event a huge success”, said Dr. Narendra Vaidya Executive Medical Director & Head of Orthopedic department, Lokamnya Hospital.

More than 250 Pune residents along with 200 arthritis free patients from Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi, walked today with a mission to tell the society not to fear the word “arthritis”. There were more than 350 patients who participated in the post ortho camp too. Dr. Narendra Vaidya along with Ms. Bharti Chavan, Dr. Smita inaugurated the Walkathon.

The objective of “My India healthy India” walkathon was to educate the mass that the incidence of arthritis could be reduced and controlled with the latest technological advancement in the field of medicine. The hospital celebrated Republic Day by supporting a cause and spreading the message of freedom from joint pain from the country. Participants covered the distance of 1.5 Km through this awareness drive started from Bhakti Shakti garden at 9:00 am to finish the event at Savarkar Bhawan. Dr. Narendra Vaidya shared advanced arthritis treatment techniques with the people who came for the camp while Dr. Anupriya Salvi provided physiotherapy techniques.

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Mr. Dhondiba Namde, a patient who recently underwent joint replacement surgery from Lokmanya Hospital said, “I am very excited to be part of the walk. My arthritis is significantly reduced and I am just like any other normal individual. Through my personal experience of having gone through this disease and come out successfully, I would like to urge my brothers and sisters, not to fear about bone and joint problem as we have far advanced treatment possible today for treating arthritis. You have to fight the disease through will and determination to win this battle. Act immediately in seeking the right medical help, in case you get some symptoms. Keep your knowledge updated about the illness.” 

Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi witnessed a fairly large amount of registrations to support this noble cause. Participants of the Walkathon also got an opportunity to avail massive discounts on OPDs, MRIs, CT scans and surgeries. The hospital is also offering a month long special package for knee replacement surgery from January 26 to February 26, 2014

According to a recent statistics, over eleven million persons are suffering from arthritis in India The hospital has performed around 5000 joint replacements till date and is the only centre in PCMC region performing navigated total knee arthroplasties (computer assisted total knee replacement). Lokmanya Hospital is striving hard to get this enormous figure reduced significantly with their new medical technological up gradation and witness India an arthritis free country.

For more details please visit: http://www.lokmanya.info/

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