Last week I went to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi to pick up headphones for myself. I had a few companies in mind  JBL, Skullcandy and Klipsch. No! I am not a fan of Dr Dre Beats as most of the stores are selling fakes. At present I have the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, Klipsch S4 earphones and JBL Tempo. But they all belong to starting or mid-range, so I was on a lookout for something Hi-Def, something that an audiophile should have.

My search began by visiting the Reliance Digital store, after checking out a few options. I asked them for a demo zone or demo product of the Skullcandy Crusher but they didn’t have it. So I decided to move to the other big electronic store in the mall – Jumbo Electronics. At Jumbo electronics, there was no one to assist as headphones is not a money making product for them. It had put me off already but I really wanted to buy a pair of headphones for myself. I finally got some attention when I asked for a feedback form and the store manager. A courteous manager came but even they didn’t have the Skullcandy Crusher available so I left the store with a droopy face. But that didn’t last for long, as soon as I stepped out I noticed a kiosk called Intersection selling Skullcandy products. Not only they had most of the Skullcandy products but also the exclusive Skullcandy FC merchandise available. AC Milan (Italy),  Chelsea FC (England), and Olympique de Marseille (France)  are available for purchase and trust me they are a delight for any football aficionado. Though hard luck if you’re a Manchester United or Real Madrid fan.


Not only are they available for purchase but you can demo each one of them. That said, the staff there was not just standing there handing over the headphones/earphones/speakers you wanted to check but also guiding if you put them correctly. In fact, when I was trying Chelsea headphones, I didn’t really care if I had put the Right and Left correctly, but it was corrected by the staff and even adjusted to fit me properly. Matters a lot when you are making a purchase, at least to me.


So back to the #SkullcandyFC series of headphones, they come in 3 options depending on the budget – The Ink’d 2-FC headset, Uprock-FC and Hesh 2-FC headphones cost around Rs.1700, Rs.3000 and Rs.5700 respectively. All the options are good but due to different pricing, there are differences the way they snug, FC branding, cushioning and more importantly sound impedance.



Another thing that made me buy from the Intersection kiosk was the knowledge the stuff had, he could talk about impedance, db’s and other technical stuff that I wanted to know. There wasn’t a moment where I felt, I was being misled or wasn’t being attended well. And many of you wonder why I didn’t buy it online from eBay or Flipkart? The answer is because you need to experience the sound before pick them up. Isn’t it?


Finally out of the 3 options of the Skullcandy FC headphones or the Crusher. I picked up the Crusher without a blink. If you want to know why then ready my review of the Skullcandy Crusher #BassYouCanFeel (coming soon).

Skullcandy crusher

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