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As the people around the world started carrying their music collection in portable digital devices (we still love boombox and the old walkman though). The need to carry good portable speakers also came along as the devices like iPod and Mp3 players don’t have speakers and if they do they are run of the mill. As the need increased almost all companies that were making headphones and home audio systems jumped into the portable speakers/sounddock bandwagon. Be it JBL, Bose, Harman & Kardon, Logitech, Beats Audio and Jawbone, well the list is endless. And this will never end as more and more companies will keep coming with portable music products. But the one’s with innovative design and good sound will always stand out and sell like hotcakes. We personally love the Jambox by Jawbone and the Beats Pill for their minimal design and great sound.

With great enthusiasm we at ‘The Unbiased Blog’ would like to give our readers a sneak peak of soon to be launched products by Nude Audio India. For all those who don’t know about ‘Nude Audio’ focuses on 3 principles that sets it apart from other brands:

  1. Uncompromised Acoustics – Dedicating the majority of their product budget on the actual audio technology and not ads
  2. Simple Aesthetics – without unnecessary bling helped keep cost and complexity down
  3. Focused Features – allowed them to do the most important things at a higher level of quality

Let’s have a look at Minimal Design. Serious Sound.

20140302-235814.jpg20140302-235751.jpgNude Audio India is launching with 3 portable audio speaker in 3 different sizes with self-explanatory names S(Small),M(Medium),L(Large).


According to their names they grow in size (S->M->L) and speaker power, promising a constant eight-hour battery life.


Move S is the simplest model of the lot with a rounded near-square shape measuring roughly 3” by 3” by 1.4”. Move M looks and feels the same as Move S, but grows to a 4” by 4” frame with around the same thickness, corner rope size, controls and ports. Move L is can be easily spotted out of the 3. It measures around 9” wide by just over 4” tall and 2.7” deep, if you compare the sound quality with its siblings, it’s like putting 10 Move S or 5 Move M together. Other than listening to music we tried making a few calls from it and the quality was spot-on. It comes with the rub mould to make it stand upright.

20140303-011300.jpgAs the price of the Move L is the highest, it comes with incredible sound thanks to its dual front speakers, though it lacks the speakerphone functionality to make calls like the Move M.


There’s one constant across all three speakers, and that’s general sound signature. They all are highly recommended by The Unbiased Blog, and we suggest you to buy them as soon as they are available. (According to rumours it will be available on Flipkart sometime this week). As were totally impressed with the Move L and we really don’t care about the calling functionality, we are getting the Move L for our office.

Do let us know which Nude Audio Move you would want to buy & why in the comments section below and we might actually give* you one:

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  1. Kudos to you guys for covering this amazing gadget. I was actually looking for a review on the Move family when I came across this post (God bless Google) and the way the 3 brothers have been compared against each-other and have been put in the simplest of the words to understand for a not-so-technical-geek kind of a person like me, it took me less than 300 seconds to go through the post and make up my mind that Move M is exactly what I am looking for (‘coz the L lacks the call functionality, else L is an exceptionally awesome piece to grab at that price and I am totally lovin’ it already). And trust me guys, the last line was a killer! You folks really planning to send someone this amazing piece of gadget to someone of us! For Christ’s sake tell me that prayers do get answered while I await Santa from TheUnbiasedBlog dressed up like a courier boy at my doorstep even when it’s not Christmas around.

    “Short-and-Crisp” is what I call this post of yours. Good work, fellas.

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