What I’ve always hated about messengers is the amount of media files they store on the device. Most of them are unwanted and shared on groups we have. The problem is they are saved automatically and keep on eating the device space. Most of the times, users forget to clear them from the gallery and they stay there always.

wechat cloudThe growing number of people sharing pictures on social media indicates that people are taking and posting more photos on their mobile devices than ever before. While we all love to click and share pictures with our friends over social media, the memory space that these selfies and pictures take up on our mobile devices is a major concern. We all have faced a situation, where our mobile indicates that there is limited memory space left on the device and we need to delete a few pictures, before we take or save new ones. But memory space shouldn’t come in the way of a true enthusiast. But WeChat has come with a situation to these problems by launching 1GB of cloud storage absolutely free.

Now, WeChat users simply have to press the ‘Favorite’ option on their chat screen and not only do the pictures but also voice notes, videos get and text messages get saved on directly on the cloud. These saved pictures, videos and messages can be accessed at any time at the users will. The users can access their stored data on multiple devices and is not just limited to their personal smartphone.image016

The feature has been of special importance for a number of users to relive their fond memories:

  • A father saving a voice note of his new born baby and listening to it while he’s travelling across states.
  • A college boy who can save a recipe which his mom has shared over voice note by simply ‘favorite –ing’  it on the chat window.

With this ‘One-of-a-kind’ cloud storage option, WeChat becomes the only social messaging platform which lets users freely click and share their favourite moments on with their friends and family through WeChat.

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