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Now seamlessly stream movies, watch your favourite matches and download your favourite games on the all new Amkette Evo TV Android Central (AC) and Media Centre (MC). So you need not switch on your laptop each time to access international content be it your favourite TV shows, music, etc. because your TV has it all. Become your friends favourite with endless entertainment options on your TV without having to worry about downloads or spending a single penny.

The Evo TV Android Central and Media Centre come with a fun and easy user interface. The apps you download, get into relevant folders by themselves so you need not spend time sorting them. They also offer a unique YouTube remote that enables the users to control the EvoTV YouTube app from any smart device. So get set to have fun by organizing your own YouTube Parties with community playlists.

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Priced reasonably, you can start watching movies in 1080P from your hard disk, streaming YouTube clips in seconds, or downloading thousands of Android Apps and Games on this digital media player. The Evo TV empowers its users by supporting all popular video and audio formats so you need not worry about the compatibility of the device again.

The Android Central is based on the flexible and powerful Android OS and comes with Voice Conferencing and Voice Commands on the TV. The inbuilt microphone in the remote control lets you use the remote to make video conferencing calls around the world. Use it at home to talk to loved ones or in the office to make official video meetings. Connect a webcam and you will see your videos on your TV. Talk to your TV using Google Search and know anything you want without typing anything.

The Evo TV AC & MC are designed to provide fun easy and fast access the User Interface of the devices will enthral you with their colourful icons. The quick launcher for apps lets you select your favourites and set them directly on the home screen. Enjoy weather updates automatically set for your location and take advantage of the scroll bar at the bottom for RSS feeds. The remote control is a pure innovation with the touch sensors that let you seamlessly control the cursor on the screen. The air motion ensures that you can have 360 degree movement of the remote and not even need direct line of sight.

With the most innovative and useful features to offer, it is an ideal product for the young working professionals who live life on the go as it fulfils all their entertainments needs at one stop spot.

At the launch of the Evo TV Media Centre and Android Central, Rajiv Bapna, Director, Amkette said, “People are consuming data 24*7 these days with their connected devices be it on their smartphones, TVs, tablets, etc. At Amkette we accept this trend and to provide our consumers with an integrated platform, we have come out with the Evo TV AC&MC. These devices are sure to lives easier and enjoyable for our audience.”

The Evo TV MC &AC retail online on the Amkette Eshop and all leading ecommerce sites at Rs. 5500/- and Rs. 6500/- respectively. The devices come with a referral money back scheme, a unique initiative for the customers to earn real money by referring their friends and family to buy the products.

For any gadget you buy the specs are very important so let’s have a look at the tech specs: 


Processor: 1GHz Arm Cortex/ 400 Mali. Ram 1GB
Storage: 4GB
Android: 4.0.4 Media Center


Processor: 1GHz Arm Cortex/ 400 Mali. Ram 1GB
Storage: 4GB
Android: 4.0.4 Media Center

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