Most social media brand managers use a service such as TweetDeck to keep their Twitter streams fresh with scheduled posts throughout the day. Now, users of the Twitter-owned TweetDeck will find the application even more convenient, as Twitter has added the ability to schedule tweets with images, among other tricks.

Now you can schedule tweets with images both on your acc as well as on shared accounts. Both additions are available now on the Web, Windows, and the Chrome versions of TweetDeck.

iAnd they will be “coming soon” to the Mac app but wouldn’t specify an exact date.

Sending a scheduled tweet with an image is a five-step process:

  1. Compose your tweet
  2. Select ‘Schedule Tweet’
  3. Choose your image
  4. Pick a time in the future
  5. Click ‘Tweet’

Here’s an example offered by Twitter:

Tweet Deck 1

You can also add a Scheduled Tweets column to keep track of what you have in the queue (select “Add column” and choose “Scheduled”)

Tweet deck 2

With the ability to add a Scheduled Tweets column, where you can edit and track your tweets. Once you make a change, it can be seen by everyone with access to the same Twitter account. Making it much easier for a team to handle brand’s twitter activity.


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