The WeChat 5.3 upgrade for iOS and Android has arrived and is equipped to deliver an enhanced all-in-one social experience. No matter whether you’re an adventurer, a dreamer, a sports fan or a global networker, WeChat has exciting new features to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

The newest upgrade ensures you can stay on top of all your messages with translation service, gives you the ability totranslate text between you and your new international friends.  WeChat is filled with top-notch features, creating a fun and social experience with even safer security measures, making your social life out of this world and even cooler in every way.

Get ready to be blown away.

Never get lost in translation again

Now you can be the global kingpin with your multilingual socializing skills. Chat with your buddies in Mexico, Indonesia, France and South Africa with extra ease, by simply typing in your chosen language and let WeChat be your personal translator. There will never be a dull moment on WeChat, with over 20 languages available at your fingertips. Who knew talking to people around the world could be so easy?

 Follow these easy steps: Touch and hold the text and select “Translate”






Feel like a secret agent

The awesome upgrade takes you beyond your wildest dreams and enables you to be the secret agent you always knew you could be. Groups with Password, let’s you be selective and savvy with who you want in your group message. Selected participants must enter a secret 4-digit code before accessing your group conversation, allowing for a safer and more controlled group chat. Now the super secretive chat can begin…

Follow these easy steps: Chats > select “+” >“Group Chat” > “Join Private Group” > Enter 4-digit password > “Join this group”










WeChat gives you a super smooth, social experience. Chat with your friends using Voice Call or even gossip face-to-face with Video Calls! If you do get lost, use Location Share to find your friends and Walkie-Talkie to guide them to your location. Easy, fun and useful whenever you are on-the-go!

WeChat’s newest upgrade has arrived and is ready to deliver an all-in-one international social experience for users, with cool new features and functions that make every interaction with friends, loved ones and new acquaintances a truly memorable experience.

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