Do you love sports? If yes, then I can bet that you are a risk taker and have put some moolah on stake with friends, family or online. It’s always safe to gamble with friends or family, but I can assure you that, everyone is a bit apprehensive about going all out in world wide web and start betting. The reasons for that are mainly:

  • Privacy
  • Online Transactions
  • Fake betting portals

What if I tell you that you can put all your worries aside as I’ve found a perfect and safe solution to all your online betting needs. The name of the app/website is Nitrogen Sports and it offers:

  • Ultra-Secure: They offer anonymous accounts; you don’t need to give them any personal information. They also offer 2-factor authentication to provide maximum security for your account
  • Instant Transactions: Instant deposits and withdrawals are standard, and most games are graded minutes after they end
  • Plethora of Choices: From major sports and leagues down to cricket and e-sports, they have it all
  • Competitive Odds: Made by gamblers for gamblers, that’s because competitive odds are king!
  • Promotions: Check out their monthly Parlay Promotion and Go for Gold challenges. Grab a piece of the Jackpots for yourself!
  • Superb Support: They have a built-in chat and support ticket system, you can get immediate help with any issues.

Now isn’t that brilliant? But there is more, when you visit the website for the first time you are given a private address and you are asked to create your log-in username & password.

You can then deposit the desired amount of Bitcoin and begin betting.  The minimum amount required is 0.001BTC (or 1mBTC) and you can do up to 10 team parlays across as many sports as you desire. If you don’t know what BitCoins are, then have a look:

What is bitcoin?

If the above reasons haven’t convinced you yet then I’ll like to point out that there not many sites that allow you to gamble without creating an account with their site. And thats what really sets apart Nitrogen Sports from the others.

What if you are a noob but really want to learn how to bet online? Well they have a guide for that too – 


Coming down to the list of sports featured on :

Other Basketball (Europe, etc.)
Other Hockey (KHL, etc.)
Major Soccer (Europe, Champions League, etc.)
International Soccer (Friendlies, WC Qualifying, etc.)
Exotic Soccer (Friendlies, WC Qualifying, etc.)
Tennis Props (Set betting, O/U)
Racing (NASCAR, Formula 1)

Automatic payouts and completely anonymous, you are a winner already with Nitrogen Sports.

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