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Have you gotten bored from your daily workout regime, Working for hours in the gym and still not getting the fit and well-shaped body you aspired for. Put your worries aside, Reebok Crossfit Robust at Defence Colony, Delhi is  for those fitness freaks who dream to have a fit body and mind. Cross- fit is one such fitness training which maximises fitness through a series of physical activity. It is a combination of exercises with varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting, rowing) at high intensity.

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Unlike other forms of exercise, Cross fit doesn’t use high end machines to work out on a daily basis. It offers varied functional body moving exercises, each of them are new and exciting. (WOD Workout of the day)  .This fitness regimen aims to improve capacity in 10 recognized fitness domains such as cardio respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. This fitness regimen results in comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality. Cross- fit can be practiced  across age groups (Both boys and girls).

Mr. Kamal Chikara, coach and manager of Cross fit Robust says” “ We are very excited to open our new branch in South Delhi.  We have started seeing enthusiasm from fitness freaks to practice this new and never boring exercise. It is a positive sign for us .”

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Cross fit is  a good medium through which one can go beyond one’s  limit of body and mind by actively trying new forms of exercises performed at high intensity (For instance  rope climbing, jumping ,  kettlebell swing etc.)

For those who want to join Cross fit, they is a full-fledged schedule. First step is introduction to  the foundation class followed by extra practice classes. The third step is mobility and movement section where they teach the basic exercises which normally do to make them more efficient. Then comes Cross fit which focuses on the mechanics and consistency part of it with a bit of intensity. Last but not least, there is Yoga, as it increases the range of motion and general mobility. Yoga teaches how to breathe more efficiently,  while doing cross- fit, where you have to move fast with intensity.

About Cross Fit

Cross fit is a new form of exercise philosophy founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, rose to fame in recent years.  Cross fit is optimization of general fitness through a series of physical activity. It incorporates high intensity trainings such as lifting, pulling, pushing etc. Cross fit describes its strength and conditioning programme as constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad modals and time domains.

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The foundation classes are for those who are just starting and progressing into Crossfit. Following the completion of your FMS( functional movement scanning) with one of our trainers you will be sent to the foundation class to focus primarily on the machines and consistency pieces of Crossfit. Workouts are scaled down to suite individual requirements. After you have shown capacity in all the movements you will be recommended by one of the trainers to move into the regular group WOD’S (Workout of the day). The foundation classes are always open to anyone, both experienced and newcomers. They are a great way to learn and refine your movement as well as improve technique.

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These hours are offered throughout the week at a time when no class is running. It’s time for you to come in the gym and use it as you wish. We do ensure that you are comfortable with the basic Crossfit methodologies and movements as there is no coaching during this time. It’s simply there for you to do additional workouts or use the gym.

Mobility and MOVEMENTS

Movement is a primary function for every living being and mobility makes it possible to move freely. This class is about rolling, crawling, jumping, hanging, doing whatever is possible without introducing patterns induced by civilization, This is not an exercise programme or workout, it is rebooting the forgotten natural movements and learning them efficiently.

This class is not about burning calories, pumping muscles and running against the time but to feel and breath in movements. For us being fit is being capable to perform physically in the real world with  efficiency, and especially when the situation and the environment is challenging.

Benefits of this class:

  • INCREASED Mobility
  • INCREASED Stability
  • Improved Movement Skills
  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Focus
  • Improved applicability of the strength you already possess
  • Improved physical competence for practical performance


Our workout will stay the same throughout each class over the course of the day. You are welcome to any class that works for you on daily basis once you have tested out the foundation class. These classes will be focusing again on the mechanics and consistency pieces of crossfit but will also encourage the element of intensity


Yoga increases your range of motion and general mobility
Most of the classical movements in Yoga support the same concept of creating torque, finding the braced neutral spinal position and always working from core to extremity.

In classical yoga strong emphasis is on creating a focal point that doesn’t move so you stay consistent while you are moving. The technique of setting a steady focal point helps tremendously with Olympic lifting, double unders, high box jump, toes to bar. just to name a few.

Yoga teaches you how to breathe more efficiently. CrossFit primarily is about moving fast with intensity, but in order to cultivate speed you must also cultivate rest.

Yoga develops your ability to balance. Balance is one of the Ten General Physical Skills Highlighted by Greg Glassman’s defination of CrossFit.

In our Yoga program we use lots of props and we have a Yoga wall to help you to getting in to the right pose to increase your body awareness which will improve your overall fitness and health.


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