Adding another third-form-factor (3FF) micro-SIM card connector solution for slimmer mobile phones and smartphones to its portfolio, TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, today introduced one of the market’s lowest-height, anti-buckling, push-pull micro-SIM connector. The new product’s anti-buckling feature will benefit the mobile phone user who has two or more mobile phones with a micro-SIM card and a fourth-form-factor (4FF) nano-SIM card, but wants a single solution.

 TE has always designed and developed new products to address our customers’ needs and requirements for smaller, slimmer and smarter mobile devices,” said Masaki Shoji, product manager, TE Consumer Devices. “This new anti-buckling connector reduces the height from 1.24mm to 1.18mm, becoming the lowest-height connector in TE’s entire SIM connector product family and one of th

market’s lowest-height connector of its type. With the previous push-pull micro-SIM (3FF) connector design, distortion can occur as one of the nano-SIM card adapter edges might hit the micro-SIM connector contact tip and cause the contact deformation and dysfunction. The new anti-buckling micro-SIM connector has a new contact, gradual-slope design that can prevent the buckling of a nano-SIM card and its adapter, allowing the nano-SIM card adapter to work error free.”


Other key features and benefits of the 1.18mm anti-buckling connector include:

  • Card detect switch is uniquely integrated on connector contacts to better secure circuit connection while not taking extra PCB space.
  • Enhanced micro-SIM anti-wrong-insertion feature prevents incorrect card insertion, which protects the connector from improper operation.

 Additional information on TE’s SIM card connector family can be found at:

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