Meru Cabs iPhone

The next version of the Meru iOS app is now available on the App Store, which has fixed the iOS 8 compatibility issue, so users can go ahead and update the app. This version 3.0 is completely revamped from the ground up with a number of cool features. To list a few:

  • One touch booking for immediate cab requirement

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  • Introducing the prepaid wallet, providing smoothest and fastest payment experience

Meru Cabs iPhone app download link

  • You can book Genie Cabs (hatchbacks from Meru) from the same app
  • You can see Expected Time of Arrival for nearest Meru and Genie, which may help you make an informed choice before booking a cab
  • Meru Cabs iPhone promo code
  • We’ve made the cab tracking on map smoother, while the cab is arriving for pickup or reaching the destination

Meru Cabs iPhone app download

  • You can book up to 7 days in advance and see real-time inventory availability before booking a cab

Meru Cabs iPhone app features

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