iphone evolution

There is no denial from the fact that technology has changed a lot from the days of the first iPhone way back in 2007 to the latest generation (iPhone 6) in 2014. The ‘Jesus Phone’ was the name given to the first iPhone, but does the latest generation of the iPhone live up to the supremacy? The technological advancements made by Apple Inc since 2010 (the launch of iPhone 4) were not really revolutionary. If tech pundits are to be believed, it was from 2011-2014 that the Cupertino firm lost its ground to the bigger & better Android rivals.

Yes we agree, the Android devices always had the upper edge thanks to the bigger screens but better, not really! Well this post is about the evolution of the iPhone; how the industry reacted to it when it launched; what has changed over the years with each release and what the experts have to say about the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We thank our favourite tech company in the UK, the Carphone Warehouse for this infographic.

Apple iPhone 6 Infographic by Carphone Warehouse

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