Social Media Tools

Keyhole is a social media tracking and analytics tool which offers a plethora of usage ranging from tracking Keyword, URL or hashtags. Working on a campaign I realised I need to track the hashtags and eventually the digital footprint of the campaign. The catch was, my campaign was simultaneously running on facebook, twitter and instagram.
Did a lot of research at my end, tried a lot of tools and landed on KEYHOLE. This is an amazing tool as it not only tracks the hashtags irrespective of the platform it offers reach, impressions, posts & users involved in the most precise and user friendly manner.
Influencers Marketting

Even the intricacies like influencers are sorted as per the engagement, klout score. Along with this what posts getting maximum RTs with the location and demographics is presented in a easy to use fashion. The feature that excites me the most is that it’s a good content curating tool too, with the option of “Newsroom insight”, one gets to know about the trends and stories the target group is interested in.


All such processes are tapped in the real time environment making it all the more unavoidable. A thumbs up from my side to this tool.

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