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Nucleus Research announced that their One Click Messaging App YUP! has crossed over 1 Lakh downloads. The app is now available on the windows and iOS platforms in addition to Android. The new user interface and some cool new features have been added to make the whole user experience fun and easy.  Yup has been downloaded 1,10,000 times and is being actively used by its users.

Announcing the milestone, Mrs. Namrata Suri, Director, Nucleus Research Pvt. Ltd., said,

“We are very excited about crossing the 1 Lakh milestone for Yup downloads! We can see that YUP! is filling a gap for the youth, the need for being in touch with their friends without having to labor so much over typing a whole message. YUP! offers a fun, secure, short, crisp and uncomplicated messaging experience for the users. In its new update, users can create their own Yups, letting them interact in their own style.

YUP! offers an amazing interactive user experience that is simple to use. The fact that it’s now available on windows and iOS platforms apart from Android, has made it easier for more people to get access to it. (Our team is working on introducing newer features that will make YUP! stand out as a no fuss, to the point and a simple App that can instantly connect users to the things they like or care about.

Watch this space for more soon.”

Why Yup! possibilities are endless…

  1. Yup! to say Good morning – receive Yup when your coffee is ready..users
  2. Yup! when you reach home, work or getting late at night
  3. Yup! when work is done – bank, office task or you finish a meeting
  4. Yup! if you’re making a plan
  5. Yup! to interact with Yo Yo Honey Singh

yup app yo yo honey singh

 Yup! Key Features:

  1. One click messaging app
    1. Urgent Pager
    2. Urban poker
    3. Saves time
    4. Create your own unique yups to suit your style
  1. Visually appealing and colorful user interface
    1. Change setting, theme and sound of Yup!
  2. Safe, Secure & Fastest way to Connect
    1. Privacy & Permission Based Connect
    2. No sharing of contacts to world
    3. Block and unblock features
  3. Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows store
  4. Low on Bandwidth

You can download it – www.letsyup.in

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