Vodafone and partners presents

India in 2014 is the place to be, with 900+ million subscribers and among the countries with highest subscriber rate in the world. Mobile for sure is sky high at this juncture of the tech age in India, my debate can be strengthened by these stats by WeAreSocial.

We are social, digital report 2014

As per the Neilsen research, a whopping 81% of Indian population experiences mobile penetration, which is any day bigger than the other predominant digital markets.

The top most 4 popular activities out of 5 on mobile in India are connected to apps. Be it social media, finance or game applications, apps are dominating the market and has become a strong channel to bring a social change in the life of the users.

To celebrate such a booming market in India and encourage NGOs/NFPs to infuse innovation and experimentation in their work, Vodafone foundation and its partners  are coming up with the M4G (mobile for good) awards. It is a platform to award and acknowledge the contribution of bright minds in making our lives simpler and easier by the use of mobile technology.

This year the awards are divided into 2 sub categories:

1) Main Awards:  Focused on recognizing projects/initiatives

2) Special Awards: Focused on recognizing ideas/concepts

Further, the 2 award categories will look for innovation in these 5 areas:

5 Genre for the awards

  • Governance
  • Health
  • Education
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Women empowerment and inclusive development

The event* will take place on 17, Nov’14 at Eros hotel (managed by Hilton) Nehru Place, New Delhi.

(Entry by invite only)


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