Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, the largest digital destination for Bollywood, Regional and South Asian music entertainment along with Velvet Voices, is all geared to launch and promote its new initiative, IRSHAAD. The platform will be launched in association with Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas.

Ghazals is a genre that has always been considered to be for the musically evolved. A Ghazal listener feels sweet pain with the nostalgia and melancholic mood that listening to a Ghazal puts him into but even the most avid listener of this genre may have hardly had the opportunity to either experience or know too much about the story behind his favorite song or the life behind his favorite singer. Ghazal has a legacy that spans over a number of years and territories which is not common knowledge and yet has great value. Ghazals has possibly been the only genre that continues to be consumed in the CD format even in today’s day and age. Over the last 3 years the frequency of Ghazal performances has grown in leaps and bounds. In spite of all of the fan following, connoisseurs and activity around the Ghazal space, there has never been one single medium through which the consumer can experience Ghazals in its entirety be it audio, video, imagery, poetry, interviews or live performances.

All of this has built the premise and the opportunity for Hungama, through Artist Aloud that has had the experience to build a niche platform and with the able hands and expertise of Pankaj Udhas to come together to build a unique initiative with the world’s first ever exclusive digital Ghazal channel, which will be available to consumers as a 24hr Channel in an interactive digital environment. Along with this, the platform aims to capture the history of Ghazals, the origins of Ghazals through different territories, the story behind some of the most popular songs in the voice of the singer, audio streaming, playlists, interviews, lyrics, poetry, Live Streaming, etc. presented in a contemporary manner across social media, Apps, Responsive site, YouTube and DTH.

IRSHAAD thus promises to be the final destination for everything there is to know and experience with Ghazals and similar genres like Ghazals including Sufi, Qawwali, etc. With the presence of Pankaj Udhas, the platform assures quality and authenticity in content and with the presence of Hungama, the digital robustness.

IRSHAAD, which means “Please proceed”, is a way of saying that we welcome every Ghazal, Sufi and similar genre listeners to come and experience a digital revolution that promises to give you moments that were not possible in the real world.

Commenting on the launch of IRSHAAD, Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas said, “Ghazals is a genre that has not been promoted individually, the young talent in this genre must be brought out and celebrated, with this idea in mind we are launching our new property IRSHAAD across digital platforms of Hungama. Hungama has always been a leader in digital innovation. With this new innovation we hope that Ghazal aficionados and the youth not only enjoy their favorite music but also get a glimpse of what goes behind bringing this music to life.”


Commenting on the same, Neeraj Roy, MD and CEO of Hungama Digital Media Entertainment said, “It has been a pleasure working with Pankajji. The enthusiasm with which he has embraced the digital world and his innovative ideas to promote talent, especially young talent, has been exemplary. Our partnership, IRSHAAD, is another step in the same direction. Hungama’s commitment is that we will work towards bringing together the rich content that has existed for generations to the community that would love to discover this form of music and the lifestyle around it. Irshaad will be available across all digital platforms like DTH, Web, Wap, App, as well as the social platforms. We will continue to focus on engaging features like, interviews with the masters, playback, lyrics of songs with trivia around the poetry, live streaming of concerts etc.”

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