2014 has come to an end so I’ve narrowed my favourites of the previous year, I must tell you it was not as easy as you girls think. I had tried so many products and loved so many of them, its unbelievable. I have tried to include all those products from most of the categories, as every girl deserves to be pretty.

We’ll start with MAKEUP

11 Best Makeup & Skincare Products of 2014

My Claire’s 48 Piece Polka Dot Make-Up Book serves all my purpose for eye make up. The set includes a mirror, 5 various applicator brushes, 36 eye shadows, 3 blushers, 3 lip glosses 1 lip gloss bottle and 1 mascara bottle. It gives me a lot of choices of all the pretty colours to experiment with my eyes. You can go natural, dusky or play with colours, you have all the options in this book.

This water based Dream Liquid Mousse by Maybelline evens skin tone and provides an airbrushed finish. The light, creamy formula glides on smoothly for a flawless look. The convenient part is the pump dispenser, it allows you to control the amount of makeup released.

Dream Touch Blush by Maybelline is ‘Air Whipped’ Mousse Blush. It suits all skin types especially oily combination skin. It gives your skin that extra shine to make your skin glow. Its ultra blendable, melts into the skin effortlessly and gives you a natural look. The best thing about it is it lasts all day long. It is very lightweight, you can keep it in your bag at all times.

This season sport the bold colours by Colorbar. The lipsticks by Colorbar are absolutely luscious and different from anything you have ever used before. All it takes is one application of the rich lipsticks offered by Colorbar and you’ll fall in love with them. The creamy colour blends beautifully, offering the texture of a lipstick with the convenience of pencil.

The Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is quite effective, I tried using other makeup removers but they were too harsh to my sensitive skin. This removes waterproof eye makeup with so much ease. It does not cause any irritation or burning sensation. Just one thing I don’t like much about this product is leaves the applied area greasy but that can be ignored in front of its plus points.


11 Best Makeup & Skincare Products of 2014

CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap Cleanses without stripping protective lipids. Prepares skin for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion. It cleanses the skin beautifully, its very gentle, effective and fragrance free. The Convenient pump dispenses just the right amount.

Sally Hansen 18 Hour Protective Hand Cream It’s very essential for me to use a hand cream that is hydrating because my hands feels very dry especially in winters but we should choose it carefully as it should make our hands sticky, I am sure most of us doesn’t like it. Sally Hansen’s cream is the one I always come back to, it absorbs fast, it does leave a kind of waxy protective layer but not sticky! Love the smell as well.

Elizabeth Arden Overnight Success Skin Renewal Serum Delivers on its promise to even out skin tone! After two days use, I woke up to calmer skin! I sometimes suffer from redness on my cheeks and this made it almost go away! There is a pleasant smell to it and it absorbs quickly. There was an initial tingling feeling first few days but it is lessening with each use. I guess my skin is reacting to it, so I don’t mind! 

Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol – Free Toner I got this toner especially for winters as my skin tends to dry after washing and this facial toner by Kiehl’s keeps my skin soft as it’s the mildest toner that I’ve used till now. It’s made with the finest gentle herbal extracts for a gentle, soothing, balancing and mildly astringent effect, which leaves skin soft, clean, soothed and toned.

Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Mask I really like this facemask. I find it very easy to apply, straight after squeezing the thick liquid from the tube, it saves time and makes my skin shine. Removing this mask is also very simple, just loosen it from one side of your face and lift it off , it comes off in one piece. It was very surprising to me seeing this mask work wonders to my skin in just few minutes.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil helps a lot on those tough days of breakouts. Just apply a little drop on and around the zits and let it stay overnight you’ll notice the reduction of redness and you’ll love it! It’s a wonder oil for problem skin!

Have you spotted any of your favourites above? Or if you have any recommendations then tweet me @nehachawla_ or leave a comment below.

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