MHL  Consortium announced the superMHL™  specification, the next-generation of MHL® technology for CE and mobile  devices. Building on its market  leadership,  superMHL  delivers significant mobile advancements such as higher resolution and frame rates along with 40W of power charging, while broadening  MHL’sreac h in home theater connectivity by supporting 8K video resolution and expanded audio formats. With superMHL, consumers  c an link their mobile devices, set- top boxes (STBs), Blu-Ray Disc ™ players, AVRs, streaming  media sticks and other source devices to TVs and displays. The release of a new reversible  superMHL connector supports enhanced video formats to deliver life like,  immersive  content between home theater products and displays.

Features oInclude:

  • Delivery of up to 8K 120fps video
  • Deep Color support up to 48bit color depths
  • Wider color gamut to view content the way filmmakers  intended
  • HighDynamic  Range (HDR) support to strike the perfect balance of bright spectrahighlights  along with shadow details
  • Immersive  surround  sound with support for object audio such as Dolby Atmos®, DTSUHD, 3D audio, and an audioonly mode
  • Advanced connectivity configurations to link multiple  MHL devices together (TV, AVR, Bluray player) and control them via one remote
  • Power charging up to 40W
  • Content on multiple displays when connecting a single device
  • New reversible superMHL  connector
  • New support for the  MHL Alt Mode for the USB T ype C spec ific ation

Introducing  the superMHL Connector

superMHL  mandates a minimum  set of feature requirements  so consumers are guaranteed a fulvideo experience on their 4K or 8K devices. To support these advanc ed features, MHL has introduced the new reversible  superMHL c onnec tor. This 32 pin connector can carrconcurrent video, data and power charging all in a slim, consumerfriendly  form factor. A reversible design means that consumers  dont have to worry about the plugs orientation or the cables direction eliminating  frustration and offering a high level of flexibility.

As the worlds leading TV brand, Samsung  continues to innovate as an MHL Promoter to creatthe first 8K interface and the release of a reversible,  consumerfriendly  superMHL connector, saiJohn Ryu, vice president of Visual Display,  Samsung  Electronics. “superMHL is designed for higheperformance to deliver the best possible TV resolution so consumers can enjoy superior color, incredible  contrast and true tolife picture.

With more than 750 million  MHL devices on the market, superMHL  is backwardcompatible witprevious MHL 1, 2 and 3 specification versions and supports the latest HDCP 2.2 content protection for the secure delivery of premium content.


MHL enables consumers  to share what they love – photos, videos, musiand ideas – with thworld around them. Our goal is to make  content more meaningful  and accessible,said RobTobias, president, MHL, LLC. “With the release of superMHL,  consumers can experience contenbeyond resolution, focus on the picture instead of the pixels, and live in a world where TVs artruly windows into the future.

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